A variety of people, from all walks of life and with various disabilities, standing together. The word HOPE is behind them in big yellow letters.

HOPE {help one person every day}

Four hands holding up the American Sign Language for 365.

For 365 Days we will give hope to one person every day in the disability community. Hope means Help, One, Person, Every day!

Through awareness, education, and creating opportunities for inclusion, we will bridge the gaps between the disabled community and able body community.

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Who We Are

disAbility - Accessible By Design is a disability consulting agency who provides education, structural recommendations & awareness for businesses & organizations across Canada. Their mission is to create an inclusive & accessible world for all.

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AdaptAbilities creates opportunities for individuals with diverse abilities and their families by delivering essential programs and providing families with respite care.

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A boy with down syndrome, holding a ball, standing next to the words, our road to hope.

Your donations will enrich the lives of disabled people in our community. To see a list of accepted donations visit our donations page.

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An illustration of a curving path showing various milestones on the path to HOPE.


Do you know someone with an officially diagnosed physical, mental or invisible disability? Nominate them to be one of our HOPE recipients!

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Our goal

Help make our dream come true! Our dream is to build a custom home for one of our HOPE recipients that supports quality of life and considers the needs of that individual.

help us give hope.